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Cat and dog

Chicken / duck / turkey

Sheep / goat and alpaca

Donkey / miniature donkey

Horse / miniature horse


Mineral blocks / containers

Grooming supplies

Tack supplies (gift cert would work well)

Bottled water


Collapsible tables and folding chairs

Plastic table covers

Styrofoam cups, lids, plastic cutlery, napkins, plastic plates

Zip ties all sizes, especially long ones


Food serving gloves

55 gallon trash bags


Safety cones and vests

Caution tape

Saw horses

Bungee cords - assorted sizes

Toilet paper, toweling, hand sanitizer, pine air freshener

Food storage containers

Candles and holders


Scoop shovels / pitch fork, rakes

Jig saw / circular saw/ cordless saw

Recipricating saw and blades

Drill / cordless drill

Drill bits and saw blades

Rechargeable spotlight and charger

Rechargeable walkie talkies and charger (same frequency)

Rechargeable flashlights

Wheel barrows

Staple guns/electric staple gun and staples

Any building materials (boards / nails and wood screws

Outdoor paint, thinner

Wood patterns for holiday deocrations, gazebos etc

Hinges, pad lock sets



Outdoor Electric Cords

Multi Plug in Adapters

Solor powered lights (any color)


Flood lights


Store Gift Cards

Metal Trash cans w/ lids for feed

Metal feed scoops

Plastic Trash cans w /lids for Other uses

Gas Cans

First Aid kits

Fire Extinguishers

Cleaning supplies

Stationary / copy paper / ink pens

Resealable quart and gallon size bags

Work Gloves and hats

Office type stapler and staples

Non kink hoses

White flat sheets any size


Glow sticks - green, yellow, red and white

Batteries, assorted sizes

Christmas Decorations:

Lights / rope lights



Ribbons and bows

Outdoor figures

Flood light bulbs

Karoke machine and holiday cd's

Halloween Decorations:

Orange, black, purple, yellow and

White lights

rope lights (same colors)

Fog machine

Animated outdoor figures

Inflatable figures

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The Homestead

Phone: (812) 372-2946

Email: [email protected]