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        After many years of traveling and working as a operating engineer of Local 103 out of Indianapolis, Indiana, it was time for a change. My mother had passed away before I became a operating engineer, and I loved her so much. After this happened I just did not want to go on, but my job kept me busy and taught me many skills.

        There was lots of traveling state to state, hauling oversize loads, and working on many jobs including Lucas Oil Stadium, the Monorail in downtown Indianapolis and many others. The years kept going by and after all the days of being gone on the job, it was time to follow my dreams to help make memories for others at the farm.

          Early in my life about age five I was in a horrible car accident. I was put in a body cast when it was time that the cast came off it wasn't sure if I could walk. I spent some time with my aunt, uncle and cousins it was there they encouraged me to walk again. The doctors recommended putting me in dance and baton classes. After joining the classes and later teaching classes our groups would travel to nursing homes to perform. The people watching enjoyed us so very much that I have never forgotten their smiles. Later in my life I have came to realize how very important it is not to forget others that are not able to go places and may not have visitors. This is when the thought of the bus was created. Knowing the unconditional LOVE of the animals it just became my passion to travel with the barn friends to nursing homes, assisted living homes, day cares, schools, churches, and many other places. Please send any information of new places to visit. The barn friends and I would like to leave as many smiles in the world that we can.

My passion and love for my barn yard friends is where my heart is, so what could be better than to share this. Before starting to have visitors at the farm I had spent a lot of time researching many different historical facts.

The big red barn on our farm was built in 1913 and I found a well known statistic that in 1913 there were over 70,000 pit ponies under ground in Wales England and Britian. The pit pony is what they had named them, but they were actually miniature horses that usually weigh about 200 to 300 pounds and can pull about 10 times their weight.

I have now made it my part of my life on the farm to share some of the interesting educational history of the past that I have researched to share with others that I meet in life. Cheryl Lee 

I'm still working driving the Semi's and Operating equipment

except now it is for

Shireman Excavating & Rigging.

This is a pipe I brought to the farm

for use in the woods. 

Any place my travels may take me.

With hay in my hair

and feed in my boots

I give all my animal friends

all my love and my care.

Where ever I go

or what ever I do

I always share

the LOVE in my heart that God as gave me.